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Find immigration workshops in your area! Events are proudly sponsored and staffed by trusted and reliable immigrant legal service providers in your area.

Free to attend for you and your family with resources available in multiple languages.

Workshop attendees receive:

  • Receive FREE eligibility screening
  • Expert application assistance
  • Fee waiver assistance
  • Review of your application by Immigration Attorney

What you need to do to be prepared:

  • Bring your confirmation number!
  • Be on time! If you arrive late, we may not be able to assist you.
  • You must apply in person. No one else can apply for you.
  • Bring all your required documents with you.

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january, 2021

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AILA - Virtual Citizenship Workshop | San Jose, CASATURDAY 02-06-21Year Around Event (2021)

ENGLISHWHEN REGISTERING PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU WITHIN 48 HOURS (2 business days)Year Around Event (2021) 5 Guests are attending25 Spots remaining

ESPAÑOLAL REGISTRARSE, DEJE SU NOMBRE Y NÚMERO DE TELÉFONO PARA QUE PODEMOS CONTACTARLE DENTRO DE LAS 48 HORAS (2 días hábiles)Year Around Event (2021) Event Type :Immigration Event,San JoseBe the first to register20 Spots remaining

TIẾNG VIỆTKHI ĐĂNG KÝ VUI LÒNG ĐỂ LẠI TÊN, SỐ ĐIỆN THOẠI ĐỂ CHÚNG TÔI CÓ THỂ LIÊN HỆ VỚI BẠN TRONG VÒNG 48 GIỜ (2 ngày làm việc)Year Around Event (2021) Be the first to register30 Spots remaining

فارسیYear Around Event (2021) 1 Guest is attending29 Spots remaining

العربيةعند التسجيل من فضلك اترك اسمك ورقم هاتفك حتى نتمكن من الإتصال بك في غضون 48 ساعة (يومي عمل)Year Around Event (2021) Be the first to register30 Spots remaining

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