Grandson Recounts Immigrant Grandfather’s 91 Years

Only a few short months off his ninety-first birthday, sitting cross-legged in a recliner that he had owned long before my birth, my grandfather told me, “My life isn’t all that exciting.” Published by Made Into America My grandfather is a private and simple man. He...

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‘Voluntary departures’ Rise as Immigrants Give up in Court

‘Voluntary departure’ applications surge as immigrants decide it’s better to return to their native countries than languish in a detention facility. By Christie Thompson & Andre R. Calderson Alejandra Garcia Zamarrón, a mother of three American citizens, had lived...

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Border Actions are a Reflection of Years of Racial Violence

On April 19, 2019, the New York Times reported that United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), a right-wing militia group, was detaining immigrants at the New Mexico-Mexico border. This was not in itself a new development; private militia have detained migrants at the...

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Surge of Cubans Try to Enter US Via Mexico

Burgeoning numbers of Cubans are trying to get into the U.S. by way of the Mexican border, creating a big backlog of people waiting on the Mexican side for months for their chance to apply for asylum. By Cedar Attanasio, Elliot Spagat and Michael Weissenstein The...

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Data Shows ‘voluntary departure’ on Applications are Rising

A new analysis of DOJ data shows that ‘voluntary departure’ applications are surging among undocumented immigrants. By Christie Thompson and Andrew R. Calderon Alejandra Garcia Zamarrón, a mother of three American citizens, had lived in the United States for nearly 20...

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Immigration Status in U.S. Decline for Cubans

For decades, it has been U.S. policy to give a haven to people fleeing communist Cuba. But over time, Cubans have been losing that favored status under President Obama and now President Trump. By All Things Considered ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: For decades it has been U.S....

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Border Ministry Nun Demands Catholics “Step Up”

Overcrowded and sometimes inhumane conditions in detention centers for immigrant families seeking asylum in the U.S. are an affront to human dignity that demands Catholics “step up” to help beyond the “bare minimum,” Missionary of Jesus Sister Norma Pimentel, the...

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Prove Success in America

Immigrant founders of recent billion-dollar companies immigrated to the United States from 25 different countries. Their stories tell us it is still possible to achieve success in America even if you don’t start out with money or connections. By Stuart Anderson...

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This Refugee’s University Daydream Became a Reality

This month, one of the big news stories is about parents who bribed and cheated to get their kids into prestigious universities. By Malaka Gharib And then there's the college admissions story of John Awiel Chol Diing. Diing, 25, is a former refugee from South Sudan...

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Author Uses Comics in ‘I Was Their American Dream’

Drawing comics with characters of diverse races is a fraught task. From the earliest political cartoons up through last year's controversial depiction of Serena Williams by Australian artist Mark Knight, comics have a long history of exaggerating physical features in...

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Wisconsin Marches to Restore Immigrant Driver’s Licenses

Organizers and community members urged the state Legislature to restore the right to obtain driver's licenses regardless of immigration status. By Ludwig Hurtado More than a thousand people marched Wednesday onto Wisconsin's Capitol today chanting “licencias ahora"...

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Rwandan Survivor Choose Her Own Vernacular

Twenty-five years ago this month, more than 800,000 Rwandans, mostly Tutsi, were slaughtered over the course of 100 days by members of the country's Hutu majority. By Diane Cole Among those who lived through the terror is Clemantine Wamariya. Her memoir, The Girl Who...

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Latin America’s Street Artists Reclaim Public Spaces

Artists of the streets are reclaiming their public spaces. While in the past, South American dictators would lock you up for painting on public facades, today governments of countries like Argentina and Colombia are commissioning street artists to add color and some...

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Immigration is Keeping Social Security Afloat Report Says

The federal government barely avoided dipping into its savings accounts last year to help pay Social Security benefits to millions of Americans. By Alexia Fernández Campbell Economists had warned last year that — for the first time in decades — the Social Security...

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Packed Waiting Rooms, but 2.9 Million Immigrants Check in

It was well before 9 a.m., but the Immigration and Customs Enforcement waiting room was already packed. Women held babies with one arm while filling out forms with the other. Men in dirt-caked boots rifled through dog-eared documents. Outside, in a crowded hallway on...

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American Dream & Promise Act to Benefit Cities & Counties

While the Trump administration works to restrict immigration to the United States, local elected leaders have stepped up in support of immigrant residents and their families. From setting up legal defense funds that provide representation to immigrants in deportation...

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The Fresh Voices Program Supports Latino Youth Art

Crookston Latino youth, and local artist Trey Everett with area residents who participated in making artwork through We are Water MN workshops, will be featured in a Minnesota State Art Board exhibition showcasing artwork supported by the state’s arts and cultural...

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New Book Documents Mexican Woman’s U.S Immigration

NPR's Scott Simon asks Aaron Bobrow-Strain about his new book The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez, which documents the life of a young Mexican woman journeying through the U.S. immigration system. By NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday SCOTT SIMON, HOST: "The Death And...

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Can Justice be Found for Noncitizens in Immigration Court?

Immigration policy and enforcement are in flux under the Trump administration. The separation and detention of families at the Mexico-U.S. border; the spike in arrests of noncitizens in apparent violation of immigration laws; and the uncertainty surrounding the future...

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Ballet Hispánico Explores Deeper Diversity

“There’s a deeper diversity that has to be exposed," says artistic director Eduardo Vilaro, "and we’re just getting started.” By Avichai Scher When Ballet Hispánico takes the stage this month at the Joyce Theater in New York City, audiences will experience new works...

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