Critics Warn Video Hearings are Harming Immigrates’ Cases

The balding, middle-aged man in an orange prison jumpsuit stared glumly into a video camera from a Midwest jail as his attorney far away at an immigration court hearing in Chicago talked about his 18-year-old client. By Stephen Franklin , Miriam annenberg, & Ankue...

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Congregations Across the US Mobilize to Support Migrants

Here's a look at how the nation's pastors, rabbis and their congregations are supporting immigrants across the country By David Crary and Hannah Grabenstein So far this week, an anticipated nationwide sweep has not materialized at the expected magnitude. Yet the mere...

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USCIS Asked to Explain Immigration Delays And Denials

For the past two and a half years, Congress has largely granted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) a free pass on immigration backlogs and application delays, denials and Requests for Evidence. That began to change at a July 16, 2019, House Judiciary...

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New Asylum Rule to Slow Migrants Crossing Border

The Trump administration is moving forward with a tough new asylum rule in its campaign to slow the flow of Central American migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Asylum-seeking immigrants who pass through a third country en route to the U.S. must first apply for...

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Climate Change Could Exacerbate Immigration

Global climate change is likely to exacerbate the ongoing immigration crisis in the United States, according to field research being done this summer in Guatemala by a UC Berkeley Ph.D. student funded by the Center for Latin American Studies. By John Hickey Michael...

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Smithsonian May Show Drawings Made By Detained Children

The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History may add drawings made by formerly detained migrant children to its famous collection. By Sasha Ingber The drawings depict time spent in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Some of the children's...

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Two Outcomes for Hernández Family Seeking Asylum

José Antonio Hernández Viera says he experienced economic and political persecution in Cuba because of his family’s opposition to the Castro government. His wife is on the road to becoming a legal permanent resident in the U.S. He faces deportation. By Alexandra...

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All about the U.S. Citizenship Oath

Here's something to think about on this Fourth of July: If you are born in the United States, citizenship is a birthright, but if you immigrate to this country, the work of the citizenship process culminates in the reciting of an oath. By Audie Cornish & Wynne...

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Administration Sends Migrants Back To Mexico

Several dozen Central American migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border again, this time escorted by federal agents to an El Paso, Texas, courtroom as part of an unprecedented effort by the Trump administration to control migration. By Joel Rose & Laura Smitherman...

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Refocusing Migration in the Americas

During the past five years, dramatic shifts in the scale and character of migration in the Americas have unsettled regional politics and tested the capacity and political will of governments and international agencies to address and avert humanitarian crises.  By Dan...

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Rio Grande Valley Residents Hold Vigils for Drowning Victims

Residents in the Rio Grande Valley gathered at vigils in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday evening to remember the lives of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria. By Reynaldo Leanose Jr. The Salvadoran father and daughter...

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Top U.S. Tech Companies Started By Immigrants

It turns out 2019 is the year of the tech IPO (initial public offering). Several high-profile U.S. technology companies have already become listed on stock exchanges and more are expected. What has received less attention is that four of the five top tech IPOs came...

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Nun Speaks about Migrants Seeking Shelter in Mexican

Migrants arrive at Casa Betania Santa Martha weary from walking for days. The shelter is a waystation in Mexico's southern Chiapas state, where migrants wait to take rides atop the occasional northbound freight train rumbling by. By David Agren ALTO DE AGUA, Mexico –...

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Court Ruled to Not Include Citizenship Question on Census

The court found that while the Commerce Department has a right to reinstate the question, it did not provide an adequate justification for doing so. By Pete Williams WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the Trump administration cannot include a question...

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Standoff in Congress Over Southern Border Aid Package

Congress is at a standoff over a $4.6 billion aid package for the southern border as House Democrats say a Senate-passed measure doesn't go far enough to care for thousands of migrant families and children. By Andrew Taylor and Alan Fram Speaker Nancy Pelosi is...

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Employees Threaten Walkout Over Federal Contract

Employees at Wayfair are threatening a Wednesday walkout after the home goods company declined to end bed sales to federally-contracted facilities holding detained immigrants. By Tovin Lapan More than 500 employees in the company’s Boston office signed a letter...

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Trump Delays Immigration Raids

Two Department of Homeland Security officials told NBC News that the raids were called off in large part because details of the plan had leaked to media. By Phil McCausland and Julia Ainsley President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he would delay plans to begin...

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Networks Offer Aid To Migrants Amidst Deportation Talk

Immigration networks throughout California have set up hotlines to provide legal aid to undocumented immigrants as President Trump threatens to ramp up deportations. By Farida Romero We're going to begin today's program looking at how two of the week's biggest stories...

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