What does it mean to be an immigrant in the United States? These podcasts answer this question as it deserves to be answered: by immigrants themselves. From reported series to curated conversations, each of these shows illuminate different aspects of the immigrant identity — such as the realities of integrating into a new country, the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the factors that brought families to the United States in the first place.

1. Modern Immigrant

Modern Immigrant is a weekly podcast that explores immigrant life in the United States. Hosted by Vero, who is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, the podcast delves into conversations that amplify immigrant voices, with topics that range from the power of Latino representation to the impact of President Biden’s newest immigration bill (featuring Boundless Immigration’s own legal policy and business operations lead Maggie Riley). Episodes are released in both Spanish and English.

2. Resettled

This six-part podcast series showcases the stories of refugees as they adjust to their new lives in Virginia, from a Muslim teen’s experience navigating high school to one family’s first 90 days adjusting to life in their new home. Hosted by Ahmed Badr, the themes of Resettled resonate with broader facets of the immigrant experience by exploring the realities of integrating into an unfamiliar space — like when Chef Noori shares how he maintains his culture in his new home through Afghan cuisine, or Ahmed Alsrya’s story about breaking down the stigma of mental health.

3. Immigrantly

Now in its ninth season, Immigrantly is a weekly podcast that “deconstructs the archaic stereotypes of what it means to be an immigrant, a child of immigrants, a person of color, and everything in between.” Host Saadia Khan speaks with a broad range of people to explore these complex, cross-cultural topics and the nuances of the human experience, including journalist Wajahat Ali, multidisciplinary artist Shahzia Sikander, and food writer and photographer Nik Sharma.


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